737BBJ MTOW Changed Unrealistically

Before 20.1, the aircraft, the 737BBJ, had a MTOW of 170,991 lbs, but now it is 154,500 lbs. What changed? Why can I no longer do realistic ultra-long-haul flights in the 737BBJ? The 737BBJ was my favorite aircraft in IF for this very reason, and now it is gone. I would like to know if the 737BBJ can have the MTOW and maximum passenger count reverted back to 170,991 lbs and 63 passengers. Thank you.

I noticed this as well. Very interesting that IF did that. Maybe it’s a bug though I doubt it

The B737 BBJ was merged with the B737, this is known.


Hi, thank you for your report!

We are aware of this issue and the developers are looking into it.

Enjoy the update!