737BBJ livery problem

Hello, i’ve noticed that the black and purple, generic, gray and black, infinite flight 2014/2015 and the US Air Force liveries don’t work and appear all pink.
The infinite flight 2018 and gold and red liveries seem to work properly.
I am using an IPad mini 2.


Erm…my eyes did a double-take there lol

Trying restarting your device and Infinite Flight…

See if that fixes it


Fix it, it’s en fuego, who would want to fix it?

Try the solutions to similar issues, though:

Simply reinstalling Infinite Flight should fix the issue.

Make sure to back up your replay files through Google Drive, iCloud or Sharemyinfiniteflight.com before doing that so.

That’s just the new magenta livery released in the last update ;P

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@Somecat did restarting your device fix the problem - we need a response.

Or are you asleep…

Check your storage as storage may be low.

Restarting my device did not fix the problem, I’ll try reinstalling infinite flight.

That pink livery though 👌

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