737 yoke turning left and right violently

I’ve noticed when flying the 737 the yoke keeps turning left and right and the aircraft kinda does aswell.

when does this happen

Like when cruising I’m flying it right now and it’s happening here and there like every 2 minutes

Are you experiencing turbulence, or possibly is your aircraft attempting to align on a leg from your flight plane?

No I’m on solo with no winds

Would you be able to supply a video so we can help you determine the issue and discover a solution?

What is your airspeed?

0.78 literally this has never happened before. It might be a bug on the beta

Just noticed this aswell

are you in the 21.1 open beta?

Yeah I’m on the beta

yeah might be a bug on the app, please create a topic following the instructions and report the issue on the open beta category.

Developers and moderators should see your report and check the issue


As said above please create a topic and make sure it’s in the #open-beta section thanks!