737 Yoke bug?

I noticed this on the 737 yoke. Are the numbers meant to be backwards on the copilots yoke?

The numbers 6,3,2 are backwards…

iPad Air
Latest IF version (a321 update)

How to reproduce:

  1. Open IF
  2. Choose 737 (I chose bbj)
  3. Go into cockpit view

New @Henrik_B? I think so. Jokes aside, great find! Will try to reproduce!

I searched and couldn’t find anything…

What do you mean?

I searched the forum to see if anyone posted something similar and couldn’t find anything

No, no. I wasn’t talking about that. It’s just that Henrik is a good bug finder, and this is a good find!

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Oh haha okay.

I’m going to say the yoke was simply mirrored to make the right yoke in order to make texture mapping work out easier, flipped textures is the one downside to mirroring a mesh.

That’s what I was thinking ;)