737 Wings More Detailed?


I was just doing a flight from Murcia (LELC) or Eindhoven (EHEH) when i noticed the bottom of the wing on the 737-800 is more detailed including the flaps and their animations. Ive got pictures to show what i mean.
Correct me if I’m wrong but i dont thing the wing was like this before. Hopefully nearing the release of the 737 rework/touch-up like the A320 Family had.

So I first noticed it when i was on approach -

The overall wing looks more detailed (textures wise) - also let me know if it was like this before cause i have never known it to be like this.

What also puzzled me was the leading edge flaps between the engine and the main fuselage. In IF I have never spotted these - again correct me if they have always been there.

Once i landed i took a closer look at things which I have never done before and noticed a load of hydraulic parts on the wings moving the flaps which look sweet! However after about 2min of panning my camera around the wing my device started to lag, now this has never happened even when I run all the settings at max. (I have an iPad Pro 12’9) This could be because of the added detail but I’m not sure.

Overall i am phsyced for the next update whatever it will be but i think we might be seeing some bits being added already. And i will say it one more time - I might have not noticed these things before so if they have been in the game its my bad and dont tear into me 😂.



Have you downloaded an update? No? Then they have always been like that… lol


Yeah i thought that, i have no update. It’s just I’ve never known it to be like this.

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Well maybe your answer is that the wings have always been this highly detailed but with the up-and-coming 737 rework, your too excited so your brain is falsely deceiving you. I’m sure the devs would alert us in the #announcements category if they changed something about an aircraft.

Ahahahha could be, i do a flight almost everyday and have over 2000hours of flight time so when i saw this and didnt notice it to be in the game before today, I thought it was new,

Anyone? I thought i would get more replies. I’m just very curious.

Those are the slats. They’ve been like that forever.

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I’m not making any conclusions… I’ll just let the m Did decide

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