737 to the moon

I don’t know if this has ever been done, but I got to the moon in infinite flight.

One of my replay files was corrupted and it caused me to go straight up.

My final vs was 2.4 billion feet per minute, however this is still only about 4% the speed of light 😂.


This man is a legend. 😂
You, my friend, are cool, you managed to get a 737 to the moon. Great job! 😎


Do you think the moon is like the Earth (land and maybe availble to land there)?

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Probably not, would be a waste of development time


This post makes me think of all the corrupted replay files I deleted…

Anyway, awesome shots, you really are a legend! I gotta remember to not delete corrupted replays right off the bat, maybe something like this will come up.

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I feel the same, it was just a question.

illuinati confirmed.

Wow that is cool. It sometimes happens to people I know but only like once in a while. Overall It is pretty rare.

Wow, Ive had this glitch before too, but I didn’t go billions of feet per minute…😂

You see we don’t need NASA to go to the moon
We have Boeing >:)

It’s crazy cause it that speed, any space debris or rocks would annihilate the 737😂

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Another mile high club member?

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This has to be the best screenshot i have seen! :)

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Of course lol. 😂

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If it was with Ryanair that would have been epic