737 Takeoff Flaps

Just wanted to know what flaps setting does everyone use for a 737-800 during takeoff. I usually use 5° but for short runways I may use 10°. What do you think? Is this too much or too little?

Thanks, Jacob

I use 10 all the time. I’m don’t follow real world procedures.

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I try to as much as I can!

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10-15 depending on the weight

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I always use 5

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Here’s a tutorial on it


Flaps 5 is always used on long runways or on a normal takeoff run. If the 737 has a good short field performance, I always use Flaps 25 for a shorter takeoff run. The disadvantage of flaps 25 is a lower climb rate. Hope it helps for your takeoff runs.

Flaps 25 is not a take off setting, it produces way too much drag. TO flaps are from 5-15 and landing flaps are 25-30.

Depending on the variant and perf requirements.
Typical rule of thumb is more flaps = less runway used but slower climb-rate.
Flaps 25 works great for those 5-7000 foot island runways, and Flaps 1/5 is great for long runways and high altitude (SLC DEN ABQ etc).
If you are unsure, flaps 15 is a happy medium.
@oscnogbal flaps 25 is in fact a takeoff flap setting, -SFPs use 25 out of OGG LIH & SNA almost exclusively.
Also you forgot flaps 40 for landing.

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