737 right wing view

I was flying the 737-900 the other day and realised that the right wing view (of the engine) had been changed to a more forward view. I’m currently doing a flight in the -800 and noticed that it hadn’t been changed on this variant. All I wanted to know was why only changes were made to the -900 variant and not the -800.

Thanks, Jacob

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Do not get me wrong, is this a feature?

You mean a feature request?

The wing views never changed on the 737’s. -900 has always been like that. 🙂

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yes. that is what i mean :)

No, not a feature request I’m just curious although I do like the -900 view better

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I think so too ;)

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Really, I thought the view on the -900 changed after 20.1?

Yeah, its been like this. Reason why is because the fuselage is a bit longer on the -900 than the -800. That said, the camera is in a different position than the 7 & 800 variants.

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