737 Rework

As many planes are getting reworks and getting lots of attention in infinite flight currently: Why don’t we rework the 737? Many devs have said they are going to. And to an extent they did. But I’m not just meaning live cockpits. They should update the sounds to be as nice as the 777 sounds are currently, maybe a physics update (they seem fine for now) and definitely making classic variants like the 100 - 500. This would make running an older airline easier. The VA industry could maybe even do classic VAs like American Classic, Delta Classic and much more. All I’m saying is I would like the 737 to be redone.

Please vote this post so the dev team can see it


The 737 got a cockpit rework in v20.1. Additional improvements have been made as well, such as the addition of scimitar winglets and new liveries.


It got a cockpit rework in 20.1…

The 737 got a shiny new cockpit not more than half a year ago… not to mention in 19.4 when it got splits and new liveries… compare this to something like the 757…

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I know the cockpit got redone. I said it in the post. I meant adding older variants and updating some things here and there. It would be awesome to see some classic livery’s and classic VAs

The cockpit was redone in 20.1 and the physics and body were redone back in 2018

That’s going to be far off into the future. A 737 rework of any kind is not a high priority at this moment.

(To all the people who are saying that the cockpit got redone)

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still a (partial) rework, don’t know what you’re getting at.

The addition of scimitar winglets and liveries such as the United 2019 livery don’t count?

Chances are the 737 series will not be receiving a full rework anytime soon. There are a plethora of other priorities right now.

Regarding sounds, you can vote for that in the feature request I have linked below.

The 737 NG as we have is pretty much as good as it’s going to get in most aspects. There are various things that may relate to it though, as well as other variants to vote for in #features