737 Rework

Along with these updates to improve the CRJ and A320 families, I feel that a 737 rework would be awesome. Nothing unbelievable, but with the same features as the previously listed families (wing flex, more detailed cockpit, cockpit lighting, etc). With the 737 being my favorite aircraft, I would love to see this.

Hey man! So to request #features you need be a #TL2



You can also vote for it here:


Ok thanks for the info. Still new to the community:)

Thanks for the help:)

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Don’t forget, you don’t have to make a lot of topics to be a TL2. I don’t think I made any and still got it.

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Welcome to the community!

If I’m not mistaken, there is a 737 rework on the way with split scimitar winglets.

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Correct! We still do not know that much about it but we are all excited for it!

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