737 Rework Questions (May a dev please answer this?)

Hey guys.

I have questions regarding the 737 rework.

This thread is closed.

But, it doesn’t have doors, APU sounds, its own engine sounds, etc. Don’t get me wrong, the cockpit is so lit 🔥


1). Why did we close the rework request when the aircraft isn’t fully at the current standards quite yet?

2). Will we be getting these features in the future?

3). If we will be getting them, is there a general idea of when we might get it?

4). Also, the autopilot is still super fast on turns with the 737.

I hope a staff member or developer can answer my questions. I’m mostly confused about why the rework thread was closed and it’s not totally done yet.



If I remember right, the current engine sounds are actually 737 CFM’s. As for the other stuff, it would be nice to see that, but I think there are other priorities at the moment.

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Also, this is amazing 😂

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I think they said that the current sounds are actually from a 767.


That statement from phillipe was incorrect xD other devs confirmed it was the 737


Interesting 737 sounds then 🤔

Aight cool. If that’s what it is, then that’s cool.

meanwhile, the chaser of the balloons writes his own book


1). The thread was closed due to the fact that the initial request was indeed added in the 20.1 update; reworked graphics of the cockpit. On top of this, the Infinite Flight Staff Team is well aware that the mission is not yet over for the Boeing 737 Family! Look at this as a “Save your votes - we will continue to listen to your requests and will 100% add these into future updates”. There is a possibility that this thread may be reopened in the future though - that will be fully up to the Moderation and Staff Team. There’s just too many issues and a lot of hype to have this spread out over multiple threads at this time. Those mass threads can sometimes be a pain to moderate constantly. With this I will tag @DeerCrusher so he can maybe explain further and give you more information on the plan with that thread.

2). The Boeing 737 Family has an APU button. In the near future, I’m sure APU sounds will be added to all applicable aircraft along with the other features that you mentioned. To my knowledge, the APU is from a TBM sound pack. So it should be obtainable to add in the future.

3). Unknown at this time. The Staff Team knows how much the community loves the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 Family and they certainly listen to the community! :)

4). Autopilot was updated in the 20.1 update and is a lot smoother now. Have you only noticed this change in the B737 Family? I’ll go fly around and try to do my own little testing with this issue. I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary

Glad you’re picking up on these things and enjoying the update at the same time! This is the main reason why I absolutely love this community! Let me know if you have further questions. Hopefully Deer can shed some further light on your concerns

  1. I’m actually really happy with the 737 right now. In my opinion it’s at a higher level than the 787 already, which is more of a benchmark for what planes in IF should be, whereas the 777/a350 are held to a higher standard. The 737 already got a rework, and a soft rework(s) if you consider the live cockpit, wingflex, and split scimitars to be as such. I would be disappointed if IF chose to rework it over planes that actually reserve a full re-do.

  2. Sure you’ll be getting these features later. It’s IF’s decision when to add them but like I said I don’t think it’s necessary at this time.

  3. IMO it’ll be a bit. The 777 alone will take until 2023 to complete, looking at how long the 77E was in development and if they will exclude the 772 and 773. Beyond that, I’d say a few other, much lower quality planes would be reworked first.

  4. They could probably fix that in the next update tbh

The 737 and a320 are pretty much the same. They don’t need a rework right now. I fully support the idea of one, but in the future, after those who deserve it.

Edit: now here you have the opinion and above you have the fax. Good job @Balloonchaser I actually don’t know if I should withdraw my post now since yours actually explains it.

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Well actually, the Infinite Flight Team intends to release the full reworked Boeing 777 Family by the end of 2020! Get ready for a fun year of updates!! :)


No way… 20.1 took a whole year right? (I’m probably wrong)

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They were working on a boatload of other stuff with 20.1. Updates from now on should be shorter.

I’m happy with what we got, but what you said about the banking caught my eye.

Was the autopilot not remodeled slightly so that initial banks aren’t as aggressive?

Can one of you guys take a screen recording of the issue, upload it to YouTube and then to the IFC? I can’t exactly reproduce this issue on my end. With the video, provide what your aircraft weight was please. Very smooth on my end

I also noticed the stall sound was updated for the 777, but not on the 737 and they both have the same stall sound. So it probably won’t be hard hard to add.

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Personally I do love the 737 as it stands now. I do think at the moment asking for something more is to much, but then you’ve got to think ‘we are the customers, and there will always be demand for something’. Personally I think a 737 body and physics rework would be a great becuase then we’d have a possibility of seeing the liveries we wouldn’t have seen for a long time, and be able to open the doors and cargo, and have windscreen wipers! (I’d love to open the doors of a 737 though after a lil’ flight 😍)


All of the aircraft sounds will be implemented/updated when the ‘standard jet sounds’ get completely redone. There is no specific timeline to this though at this time.

But since the 737 was “reworked” shouldn’t it have gotten new sounds like the 777

Yes it did take a year but it will be easier to make the newer ones because they already have the base with the 777-200er they basically started from scratch.

Just like the A320 the 737 is likely to receive small update over a course of time. Give the devs some time as the 737 cockpit update was because of the ease of adding it due to the 777. Remember the A320 got the cockpit update because of the A350 rework.

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I’ll do that in a few hours when I have my iPad again. It works fine on the 772, but I just flew the 737 and it looks the same.