737 Prototype KSEA to KPSP Trip Report

Hello, IFC,

Today, I flew with Alaska Airlines from KSEA to KPSP on a 737-990. I did not know it was going to be a rare model until a few hours before the flight, thanks to @BigBert10 (who took off 10 mins before me in a Southwest 737!)


Seattle Tacoma is in no way a nice airport, especially not it’s TSA @anon38496261
I arrived at 7:30 AM at the Departures terminal for ASA and there were so many people!

The line went fast though, and in an hour, I was at my gate (N13)

Oh, and I took 7 of these…

I went spotting for a while (made a topic about it already) and chilled in N terminal with a broken fire alarm system that randomly went off ,’:-(

I got some nice pics, but then it was time to board.


Are you one of those people that slide their hands on the plane’s fuselage at the end of the jetway? I am… and I put my hand on the Prototype 737!

I then boarded the FOSSIL and well… it was showing it’s age…

My seat felt like wood and looked like wood, and my window was all scratched up :(

The takeoff was very nice. No turbulence, and the pilot was skilled, he took off gently, gave announcements about the scenery every 20 mins, made aviation jokes and buttered!

(no wingtip)

We took off, crossed the 57 layers of clouds above Seattle and started cruising at 33,000 feet.
We saw a CRJ 1,000 feet above us!!!

This little race lasted 20 minutes…

We then hit ALOT of turbulence and all of the 3 babies around me started crying and this dude said “We’re falling!” Which didn’t help the situation…

The flight attendants were good at their job and were able to serve 189 biscoffs in turbulent skies in under 20 mins!

I saw some nice scenery but I HAVE A PROBLEM.

When I point my camera out the window, the photos I take on my big camera are always blurry, and It seems it’s because of the multiple sheets of glass in the window. Anyone know how to fix this?


After a long and beautiful approach into KPSP, we buttered and taxied to the gate. They installed skyways this much, I can’t walk next to the plane anymore :(

I did see a private 757, a bunch of 737s, A319s and a DC-3…
Fun story:

A guy sitting in front of me was teaching his 4 year old about airplanes and when we took off, he said:

The people at the gates tell the pilots when to takeoff so the rocket engines don’t blow other planes away.

I wanted to say something, but I didn’t.

Here is a biscoff for being a nice audience:

Goodbye, Old one!

Thank You!


Oh dear… When people don’t know the difference between an NG and a MAX. Shame you didn’t enjoy the flight! It was the prototype 737-900 that you flew on.


That really is a dino. No wingtips, the windows in the cockpit. glad you survived lol.


There is so very much wrong with this. That child is going to be very embarrassed when he tries to use this knowledge


And what exactly are “these”?


Alaska bag tags

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Luggage tags that you write your contact info on in case it gets lost.

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Oh. I never fly with Alaska so the only bag tags I know of look like this;

My collection of bag tags (RIP my Frontier one that got ripped when I gate checked my duffel bag)


SEA didn’t seem that bad…

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True FACTS! Not

Why thanks for the biscoff!

In a generic sportscaster voice: “Next up, an Air Canada CRJ VS. an Alaska Airlines 737!”

Overall, great trip report! Wish your flight could’ve gone a little better though.

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I actually thought it was good. Maybe I’m just like, really not picky, lol.

Great trip report!

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It depends on the place… A and B gates are fine, but the rest (especially N) are really bad…

The best are S tho…

The S gates are really nice. I thought the N gates were okay too.

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My favorite gate of all time is S11!

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@Robertine I’m flying out of Seattle Tacoma to London (BA48) in 25 days. Have any tips or tricks with the airport? This will only have been the second time I have been there.

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The biggest thing about the N gates is that there are like, no shops whatsoever.

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That is certainly interesting, flying on the first airplane of its type. The only times I’ve flown on airplanes I’d consider interesting, was when I flew on two American A319s that once belonged to US Airways (I saw they even kept the food carts with the US Airways logo on them).

And another occasion, I flew on N7877H, a Southwest 737-700 that was operated firstly by Malév Hungarian and later by Transaero. The rest were airplanes that have been flying with the same airline since their first commercial flight.


You mean no winglet


Get prepared for TSA, they are very picky, get ready for long lines, and chill at S11, it’ll be near your gate :)

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You are a legendary human being