737-original (100/200) dirt field/gravel kit

i am aware that boeing offered a special dirt field package for the early 737s does anyone know what these extra features were exactly?

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edit- i think its actually called gravel kit

It had guards on the landing gear to prevent dirt/gravel from being kicked up into the engine.

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oh… i figured it was more than that


Components included:

  • Nose-gear gravel deflector to keep gravel off the underbelly.
  • Smaller deflectors on the oversized main gear to prevent damage to the flaps.
  • Protective metal shields over hydraulic tubing and brake cables on the main gear strut.
  • Protective metal shields over speed brake cables.
  • Glass fibre reinforced underside of the inboard flaps.
  • Metal edge band on elephant ear faring.
  • Abrasion resistant Teflon based paint on wing and fuselage undersurfaces.
  • Strengthened under-fuselage aerials.
  • Retractable anti-collision light.
  • Vortex dissipators fitted to the engine nacelles.
  • Screens in the wheel well to protect components against damage.

I just typed in “Boeing 737 Gravel Kit” into Google. It was the second hit.


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