737 new sharklet (not 737 max)

I wonder what is this doing? I’ve seen it before but what does that little sharklet do? Same?


I think its the scimitar type winglet.


It actually supposed to help with aerodynamics and increase the distance they can fly by using less fuel is what I have been told by an Alaska A&P

Ewwwww why are they adding it to the regular 800. They should just keep it a max thing because then like that airlines might not bother to upgrade to a max

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That’s a Split Scimitar winglets developed by Aviation Partners, not Boeing. It supposedly reduces drag by 6%. Those winglets are about $1.6 million per plane at list prices.

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All the current 737NGs can have them installed because it saves fuel.

More info on the 737 winglets can be found here: Boeing 737 Winglets

The split scimitar?

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It makes the aircraft more fuel efficient.

Note: Airbus brands their blended winglets as sharklets, Boeing doesn’t brand their blended winglets and split scimitars as sharklets


Correct, the 73G, 738 and 739 are all certified for this upgrade, which can actually be applied to existing winglets.

Ugh I hate that fact lol. That’s gonna hurt max sales

How is that going to hurt MAX sales?

Why upgrade when you can get the same thing and it ends up being cheaper

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The 737MAX has far more new things than just winglet upgrades, like new engines, taller gear, new APU section, and various internal improvements.

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The same with the A320 aircraft they have the neo with sharklets and you can retrofit it onto any existing aircraft which many airlines have done but as @Ryan_Vince has said its not going to stop airline from buying it as there are more benefits and the engines will provide even greater efficiency

Last year when i flew on United, both 737s I rode on had them (-8 & -9) and i absolutely adore them😍

None of the AA planes have them because they have not bought the upgrades at this time.

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Yeah I flew a SWA plane and they had them

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