737 New Engine Sound?

I always wondered if the most popular aircraft will ever get a new engine sound for infinite flight, it would be cool if they ever added to the 737 MAX they could also add like a new sound for that too, but it would be difficult making 2 sounds for both 737 MAX and the normal 737s, but it would be very nice if the 737 has its own engine sound, I would love to here the CFM56-7B Engines during takeoff!


Fun fact: The default engine sound is actually based on the 737, and not a random stock sound. So… request delivered I guess?


The 737 engine sound is the default sound :)

Vote there :)
Please read through this aswell


I love that idea! 737 is also my favorite plane, but that may take time. I hope the 737 gets a rework in the future with a MAX hopefully.

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Yeah! I understand it will take ages for a new engine sound for just one plane, I just love the 737 so much, I just hope they don’t retire them anytime soon before I become a pilot for Qantas!

Dw already voted and thank you for showing me that, really appreciate it, I am a bit disappointed but I fully understand on how much work they have to put in for a new aircraft to get its own engine sound!

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Sounds exactly like a 767 Pratt & Whitney JT9D
Not a CFM

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It’s still marked down by IF as 737 unique sound

Well, it sounds terrible 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’ve been on plenty 737’s and the only thing that sounds realistic is the takeoff thrust. It could be a little better, but it is pretty close


weʻve all been on plenty i take southwest max 8ʻs for a 20 min hop every month or the occasional old 717-200 hawaiian offers

"unique’ dosen’t mean Accurate by any means now does it ? Nobody has yet to confirm the 737 sound pack is actual 737 recorded sounds

If so say so. Would be nice !


It is haha, would the devs call the A380ʻs TOGA sounds C172 startup sounds? I don’t think so.

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If they added a new engine sound for the A380, I would love to hear the Rolls-Royce GP7200 Engines, it would sound so beautiful, especially if your in the cockpit and listen to the sounds during takeoff, and would mean more and more and more people would love to fly he beautiful A380, but it’s sad that Airbus is not producing them anymore, maybe it’s just to expensive to run, and I heard that Qantas is scrapping their first A380 which is just so heartbreaking in my opinion

They both have two different noise reduction gears or mechanically differently installed or removed and replaced. Aviation maintenance technician here.

And being a skilled grease monkey never been better!!……

Agree with you. The thing is, the current default 737 is released around 7 years (if i remember correct me if i am wrong). The flaps sound i think, looks like Airbus A380. I hope they add the newly 737 sounds soon or later.

(Btw i am new to the community, welcome all 👋)

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Knocking on wood……
Sooner hopefully

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Welcome to the community!!

But yes, the 737 definitely needs a new sound pack

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