737 MAX V.S AirbusNeo

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Agreed getting sick of planespotting 737s


I agree very much the 737-max though not flying yet looks beautiful

Im gonna wait till the poll hits 50 votes votes then I will close it

Ikr 737 MAX is a beast, and if Virgin start with it. I’m loving it already

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I just don’t like the 737 design as much as the A320!

NEO all day every day! :)


Sorry, does that say Airbus has 20% more market share than Boeing?

Yes, when comparing the neo to the MAX, Airbus has 18% market share

I’m going with the a320neo.it has more orders already then the 737max and most people just say the 737max because it’s american and I hate that.i mean like what dose that prove anything

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Because they are usto it and it’s like an American thing lol

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To be honest going by that [very poor] logic, means your going with the A320 because it’s European…I know when a Boeing aircraft is beat…the NG versus the Current A32X is sub pare and the Max isnt against the Neo. I’d pic the A300Family over many of the current Boeing aircraft anyday…(because that’s like one of the only good aircraft they made plus the A330 and 40 which are bae 😍).

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I’m going with the Airbus a320neo because i like the way it looks and I loved the a320 a lot before the neo and why not keep going what I used to love.and I’m not from Europe I’m from Central America and what I’m saying is a lot of people hate on Airbus because they like boeing because it’s American and I don’t like that/:

Let’s finish the vote 737 MAX V.S AirbusNeo

That discussion can NOT be decided through votes.

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Let’s just agree both aircraft are amazing(:

Agreed! They need a new 757!

I’m not American first flights were on airbus’ cause I loved them…then I went on a Emirates 777 man oh man…but I can see where you are getting at. People picking something even though they don’t know about the other.

Ok so now you see what I’m saying because I heard I was getting hate for no reason

To be honest I still think what your saying is wrong, saying “people like it because it’s American” makes no sense at all.

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