737 MAX Series

So I know there is a request for a 737 MAX 10 but I want the whole series, kinda like the A350 request.
The 737 MAX was just deliver last month to its launch customer so it’s now a right time for this plane to come into IF
All specifications are for MAX 7
Seating: 138 to 178 “max” Pun Intended
Length: 116’ 9"
Wingspan: 117’ 10"
MTW: 177,000 LB
MLW: 145,600
Fuel Capacity: 6,853 US Gal
Engines: CFM International Lead 1B
Cruising Speed: Mach .79 (453 knots)
Range: 3,825 NMI
Service Ceiling: 41,000 ft

The 737 MAX would make a great addition because it’s just a shorter version of the 787 with similar engine look and it’s kinda the son/daughter of the 747-8.
I have my full support with the max series, the MAX 7,8, and 9. And PS, this no way close to the other 737 max request as that was for the 737 max 10 but of course the community is always right and if one topic has even one of the same words in it then yours gets closed, god, even I know the guidelines and how to make a topic but noooooooooo, I guess following the guidelines to making a topic is baaaaaad. 😔 I know how to follow rules and everyone here should too
Thanks if you vote for this,

I really want to see this plane come to IF. It is an amazing aircraft

Unfortunately, this technically isn’t a repeat but theres a really similar topic, almost identical.

A moderator can decide if this topic should be closed or kept.


It’s not a repeat, I said I know that one’s open, and I requested the 7,8, and 9, I didnt mention the 10 because I knew there was a topic on that one already

Yeah but the max series are the same plane, except that each one are just stretched versions of the other. A mod can decide what to do.

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Same with the 737 in the game now, just stretched versions, so that’s the same with the max series

Close enough.