737 MAX heads down under

The first ever Boeing 737 MAX 8 has landed in Australia for some environmental testing. N8704Q touched town in Darwin 5:30 local time on Australia Day (26/1/17). N8704Q the 4th 737 MAX devlopment aircraft built flew to Alice Springs as well as a few flights around Darwin lasting between 3 and 5 hours. The aim of the flights is to do some environmental testing. Virgin Australia will be the first Australian-based airline to fly the new jet with 40 of it’s orders to arrive next year. Qantas has announced no plans to purchase the new jet

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Oh wow! Okay! nice! Still waiting in SA though :D


Kq should really buy these

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Shame, they have to reconsider the plane’s graciousness. Honestly, the new livery in the 737 MAX would be wonderful.


Very cool! Can’t wait to see it in the Virgin Australia livery. And hopefully Qantas or Jetstar eventually. I think Jetstar will be getting the A320neo though.

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Awesome, even this unreleased plane travels more than me.

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Just like they have not ordered the 747-8, 777X. I would like to see Qantas order those planes though.

They have the 747 (slowly going), A380, A330 and 787 (coming), that’s enough for QF.

The A330’s should go and be replaced with the 777X’s imo. More fuel efficient and I can imagine QF’s livery looking sleek in it.

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Cough cough 777x, it’s not a maxi yet

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kms i keep saying max

I think the 737 is out dated that’s all that’s all I have mainly wrong with Boeing
And airbus has an extremely complex building system
Bombardier is the best and the C series is the best

Tell me how it is outdated.


The design is from the 60’s and tell me why that isn’t out dated

No need to tell me twice, I got a notification once already.

Excuse me, do some research before you say that!

Trust me most planes flying these days are improved versions eg 747-8, 737max etc

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Very true. The A320 is a 1980s design, the A330 / A340 / 777 are early 1990s designs. Yet the 1960s design 737 still keeps up.

When you have a look at the 737 Max, especially the Max 8 and it’s performance relative to the A320, I think Boeing have done an incredible job bridging the gap.
It’s very much competitive, and when you see the 200 seat Max 8 version Ryanair have ordered, their operational cost per seat mile is going to be cheap.

Virgin Australia will make a ton of money with these little beasties!


Every company has squeezed the life out of there designs and should try something completely new but airlines don’t want the upping of changing pilot from planes


I quite like the 737MAX like all 737’s in general. It does look outdated, but that isn’t a reason to judge it.

You don’t judge someone from what they look like outside, do you? Its what’s inside that counts. Like the seats, lights and even Boeings new Lavatory UV cleaning system (Beat that Airbus!)

But just because I like the 737 doesn’t stop me from flying the A320, if it’s a cheap flight from where I am to where I need to go, I’ll take it.

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