737 MAX First Flight | Taxi, Takeoff, and Landing

For those who didn’t see the live webcast on www.boeing.com that just ended a couple minutes ago, here are the taxi, takeoff, and landing videos of the 737 MAX!

###Taxi and Takeoff



Don’t like the looks at all



How do you not like the looks…lol…one of the best looking planes ever.


Oh god! Thx so much @FlyFi! I was in school when this went on! THANK YOU!


Oh, no problem! ;)

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It looks fantastic! I think you misspelled another aircraft.

[quote=“Furtive_masstwofourf, post:7, topic:23963”]
I think you misspelled another aircraft.


During taxi it looked like the nose gear was longer longer than the main gear and the nose was higher up than the tail

What are you talking about? You jealous of the max?

Beautiful plane!

Did I just hear 2 folks from Melbourne, Australia talking about their involvment with the development of the MAX !

Remarkable to see Boeing using technological advancements to continue upgrades the 737 frame. Those winglets really are something else, beautiful.

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Now lets wait for the topic in #features about… Oh wait, its already posted.

It is gorgeous on short final!


Such a good looking aircraft.

No just my opinion

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Thanks for the videos.

Three observations.

  1. The new engines sound awesome
  2. The reprofiled tail cone and lights either side of it, like the 787, make the plane look much more modern
  3. The livery is smart and quite cool

Can’t wait to try it out!

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A mine craft video popped up in “related” 😂

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