737 max engine problems

Boeing has suspended all test flights for its 737 Max single-aisle jets after the manufacturer of new engines on the aircraft discovered a safety problem.

The issue involves a potential manufacturing quality problem with low-pressure turbine discs in the CFM LEAP 1B engine, Boeing said.

The first 737 Max-9, with fuel-saving blended winglets, took to the skies on its first-ever flight a during a morning journey from Boeing’s huge Renton complex.

CFM, a joint venture between General Electric Aviation and French aerospace company Safran, is making the new engine model for what is already Boeing’s fastest-selling aircraft.

Chicago-based Boeing (NYSE: BA) said its flights have not had any engine problems, but that it halted the flights “out of an abundance of caution” and is working with engine maker CFM to determine the root of the problem.

“The step is consistent with our priority focus on safety for all who use and fly our products,” Boeing said.

Boeing said it still plans to begin 737 Max deliveries this month. All Boeing 737 aircraft are made at Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ sprawling Renton complex. Production of the Max aircraft and the older Next Generation 737 aircraft will continue.

Information by The Business Jounal

link to article: http://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/news/2017/05/10/boeing-halts-737-max-testing-cfm-leap-1b-engine.html


Sounds like an easy fix. Hopefully won’t be much of a setback to the program.


They’re still supposedly on-track with delivering the first 737MAX to Batik Air next week.


I hope this won’t effect the launch. I can’t wait to see Malindo (Batik Air Malaysia) coming to CGK with their 738MAX as their first destination ❤


That’s funny, it’s competitor, the A320 neo, had similar problems recently.


This also affects the Leaps 1B orders for the A321/320neos.

Yeah. Its because the A320 neo and B737 max all use bassically the same engines. Both use CFM Leap engines


Im glad Boeing upgraded the 737 engines. Now they have actual completely circular engines:)

The old CFM56 engines looked terrible because they were not completely circular. Looks like somebody had squashed the undersides of them.

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The old engines looked like they were left in the sun too long and partially melted.

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Really? I thought the different fan diameter, number of turbine stages, and bypass ratios would imply they used different blades… maybe I’m wrong here.

Nope. LEAP-1B’s are being used solely for the 737MAX. The A320neos use the LEAP-1A, which are slightly different.

Nope, they’re still squashed. The lack of engine clearance means all engines needed to be squished in order to fit them underneath the wing without improving the landing gear structure.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/boeing-737-max-cfm-leap-engine-2016-6


Yeah. But less though. They have more of a circular formation than the old ones. They also look cleaner too!

Big difference here lol:


No 1B is for Boeing only. 1A is for Airbus and 1C for Comac. Even through they are of same engine family, issues on 1B aren’t likely affect 1A and 1C. 1B has different engine design due to 737’s low ground clearance. I would be more worried if there are Issues on 1A since 1A and 1C has similar engine design except for reverse thrust door.

Most jet engines on commercial planes have the same bypass ratio. [quote=“N644US, post:10, topic:115404”]
LEAP-1B’s are being used solely for the 737MAX. The A320neos use the LEAP-1A, which are slightly different.


and also lol, im pretty sure theres not a big difference between them. The leap 1B’s are only different because they are a bit squashed to fit the boeing 737 low height:)

High change they will. The engines are designed exactly the same. Therefore has the same performance and statistics;)

I work for GE and I see the parts for LEAP engines everyday. All I can say is that there are some of parts that work in 1A and 1B while there are still plenty of parts that are different.

For your information, bypass on 1A and 1C is 11 while it’s 9 on 1B.

Safran is GE’s partner.

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Can you show me where you found this information? Please… 🤔


Don’t have a problem at all. Its just some information if not properly cited can mislead some people. If you had a website that could have linked to your post, it would’ve further strengthened your reply. Rather than just posting information just because, consider backing up your information with a credible source that others (not just yourself) can reference. I try to think of others when I make a post and how it can help others. Have a good evening. 😴


Ok il try to improve on this. Most of the time, people just interpret my facts incorrectly. Hope you didn’t take offense in this.

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Facts should not have room for interpretation. Not all aircraft engines are created equal in terms of bypass ratio.

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Guess what? Batik Air Malaysia has taken delivery of MAX #1 and it’s now flying! You can check the progress of the delivery flight here: https://www.flightradar24.com/MXD01/d692c2e


Source can be found here