737 MAX : Cleared for takeoff!

Hey! Today we just found out that the 737 MAX can resume test flights, after being grounded for a long time, it has been decided they can resume test flights again.

photo credit : WWW.CNET.COM


They are gonna push it to the MAX

Ba dong ching


The MAX is climbing out of its grave. Great news for Boeing!

Only took several months but that little bit of extra time can make it that much safer.


Um… I thought Boeing was allowed to conduct test flights with the MAX, as long as they weren’t being used to transport civilians. That’s what I’ve seen on Flightradar at least. They conducted test flights after rollout before going into storage.

I’m still looking forward to the day of their recertification flight though! The MAX, in my opinion, looks much better in the sky than in a parking lot. Hopefully everything from this point forward is smooth, for Boeing’s sake. 👍


At the moment this means nothing for airlines. As bascially most fleets have been grounded for over 12months so that means expensive maintenance and possibly finding space to do maintenance.

Anyway good news and i hope that the wiring and MCAS are sorted


What a pretty looking bird. Still don’t feel safe with that thing though.

Good luck with trying to get the MAX flying in Europe again. Trust me, it won’t be easy. I’m quite happy that it won’t ;)


This is gonna be tough on Tui and Turkish Airlines but the ex-Air Italy’s aircraft are gonna have fun finding a new airline

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Happy that it will be difficult, the MAX doesn’t deserve to fly.

If it MAX, there ain’t gonna be pax.


That’s correct, but in this case the FAA just gave approval for Boeing to operate certification flights, which may begin as soon as tomorrow. These flights will be flown by FAA test pilots and they’ll intentionally trigger MCAS:


@BennyBoy007 Might want to clarify that in the original post. The MAX has been operating test flights for the past few months, but this certification flight is the next step into getting all MAXs back in the air.


Having flown on the MAX several times, i can’t wait to be on them again. its a beautiful aircraft. While it was an awful error that caused the loss of lives, that shouldnt take away from the aircraft as it is hopefully perfected now.

and not to mention the error and training that led to issues.


Yes such an exciting day! Can’t wait to see Southwest MAXes back in the skies again! Great that Boeing had a second chance to fix the mistakes and it finally being able to dominate the skies again as it should.


Does anyone know what the timeline for this is? I assume a few weeks perhaps for tests and final certification, not to mention that airlines are probably in no hurry to rush them into the sky since they already have there certified planes partially grounded…


Why so negative? Sure the program was horribly rushed and the error costed hundreds of lives, but it doesn’t mean we should abandon the airframe completely. This extremely long grounding only ensured the utter safety of this jet and I cannot wait to see it thrive after regaining community trust, though it sure will take some time. Did the DC10 program get scrapped after multiple accidents? No. It was grounded for a good portion of time but it came back as one of the safest planes to ever be made, and we should hope for just the same here.


…yet Ryanair’s CEO has already explained multiple times they will continue flying this aircraft, along with either low-cost carriers such as TUI, Norwegian, and more. There’s really no carrier that is just going to completely abandon a plane that they spent hundreds of millions of dollars on. Please provide some evidence to back up your claim?


Would call Tui lowcost anf at the same time if the CAA bans them for longer after they can fly. Tui have 6 that maybe grounded for an unknown about of time

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Having flown the B39M with Copa, I feel like the MAX is a great aircraft… specially in 5+ hours flights. Big improvement from the previous generation (NG). Happy to see the MAX is slowly recovering!


In my honest opinion the A320 NEO family is much better and I feel the future lies with Airbus!!! :)

This may be a little biased as I love Airbus and I hope to captian the A350 one day as that is my favorite aircraft.

The A321 had better hummidity control and overall preformance compared to the 737 MAX in my opinion. This is based off of JetBlue’s A321 from SFO-JFK in Economy, and Copa’s 737MAX from SFO-PTY in economy…both equally as long flights.

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either way good for Boeing… they have many issues to sort out though


Virgin Australia had orders for 737-MAX8 and MAX10, however I’m not sure with their current financial state

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Trust me, it’ll be the safest aircraft in the sky, if it crashes again, Boeing’s basically done.

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