737 MAX, A320neo, or CS300?

HAHA you think the MAX’s engines are massive?! 😂

I used to prefer 320neo over 737MAX. But after I saw 737MAX on Batik’s. I was really impressed and it looks better than A320neo

Sorry Airbus. But this time, my vote goes to Boeing


Boeing 737 Max:-D
Boeing always seems to win on these kinds of polls


320NEO. They sound (and look) amazing from what I’ve experienced.


I think the A320ceo sounds better, the neo has a high pitched vacuum cleaner sound.


Other which is Boeing 757

I would go for the MC-21. I believe its a real competitor for the boeing and airbusses, and its just a beautiful aircraft

I cannot understand why the CS Series is not selling well. It is such an awesome aircraft, really well built. Hopefully Jetblue will dump the E190 & E195 and get the CS100 to replace its short haul fleet.

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The CS300 is my favourite. Such a beautiful aircraft.

737 any day!!! Like @Benny87654321 said, the CS300 definitely looks like an A350 rip off lol

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