737 max 8-200

Just wondering will we get the MAX 8 200 variant to just like we got the a330 NEO at a later stage ?


Doubtful. Jason said at one point in the Discord Server, that a potential solution to the issue of adding the Ryanair livery, which purely operates the Max8-200, would be to paint a pair of exit doors on the aft of the fuselage, however, it’s not confirmed but a probability.
I wouldn’t expect a MAX8-200, since it requires a different 3D model, which takes a lot of resources to create.
The NEO was basically A330 with different engines and winglets.


Ngl I was hoping for a Ryanair livery on the MAX since they are a big European operator of them and are expecting 40 new MAX aircraft in the next 2 months. Would be fantastic for RYANAIR Va.


I’m hoping to see Allegiant Air as well but i doubt that the 8-200 will come!


Well look hopefully they paint the exit door on the Livery just like what Jason said that would be a great solution.

Yeah hopefully would be great to see Allegiant and Ryanair added. We will just have to wait and see!

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Personally, I too feel that it would be a great addition. But in general having other airlines under the Ryanair Group such as Buzz & Malta Air would be amazing for the European community in terms of routes etc.


yesssss indeed it would be so good

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Well look I really hope they paint a door near the rear of the fuselage it would be a fantastic solution to add this livery. I’m sure many others would love it to 😊

I agree, ryanair 737 max 8-200 is a must.
What I do not understand, is how adding a door requires a whole different model, when already the 737-700 has both winglets with and without split-scimitar.
Is it a whole different model too?

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That’s exactly what I thought to they added the 737 family in one update. I’m sure they have there ways. But look hopefully the developers paint that exit door for the livery 🤞🤞

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Massive difference between a wingtip and the main body of the entire aircraft.
With that being said, we’re not completely unaware of the situation here and we’ll see what happens further down the road.


Thank you very much for the clarification Schyllberg!

With the occasion I would like to thank you, @Jan and the whole support team for all the help, assistance and explications you provide to the average user, as shown in your response. Thank you again!


Oh nice one thanks for the info it would be a dream to have the livery in the sim on the MAX aircraft just sees how much u guys care for people and VA s fleet of aircraft 😊

Rynair should have a new livery though

There is already a topic for the progress of the B737-8M?

There isn’t a development tracking thread yet for the MAX 8. One will likely get made once more progress is shared.

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They share the WIP sometimes.