737 MAX 10 Landing Gear Production Begins!


Wow ok that’s really cool. I like what Boeing have done there!

I’m really looking forward to hopefully flying on this beauty of an aircraft

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Boeing keeps outdoing themselves and that’s what makes them #1

I’ve changed the title for you buddy to allow users to see what this topic is about.

By the way, this is great news! I’m not a huge fan of the 737 but I have been following the max series closely so this is quite interesting to see!

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Great example of outside the box thinking, very clever engineering

Its almost one of those “well duh, thats so obvious” things 😆

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I didn’t realize how cool the landing gear was until I saw this video. I would recommend watching it.


I watched that same video. I was amazed! The way Boeing keeps innovating is blowing my mind away. Hopefully one day I get to fly on that beautiful bird!


My favorit aircraft :) Its such a beast


What I’m confused about is how this design helps. I understand longer landing gear is needed for more ground clearance for longer aircraft. But it seems to me that the landing gear is the same length on the ground and in the wheel-well, and only longer at rotation/when the gear is extended in the air. So while the gear is longer, it doesn’t seem like it would actually support the fuselage to be dorther from the ground.

I’m just guessing here, but since the extension is to support rotation to avoid tail strikes; as the aircraft’s wings begin their load bearing to support the aircraft weight going down to the runway the gear expands to raise the aircraft higher for more clearance to rotate sharing the load bearing between the gear and wings.

I’m wondering if a full MAX 10 will need a 10K foot runway and screaming down it at ~180kts before rotation


I think it’s just for stability, but I’m no expert and apparently,not sure on how accurate this is but the Concorde has this system many years ago so it’s nothing new.

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I’m pretty sure this is to avoid tailstrikes. I will see if I can find an article and post it here.

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I would recommend watching the video. A person from Boeing explaines how it all works. I assume its hydrolics but I could be wrong.

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