737 live cockpit numbers

Hello guys. With the new 737 cabin, it is very difficult for me to see the numbers on the screens as well as the glide slope and other instrumentation. They are very very small! In the A320 I can see it well but in the 737 I have to zoom in a lot and I can barely see the track. It happens to you too ?. I have an ipad 5 with a 9.7 screen… impossible to see on a smartphone!

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That’s why I normally use the HUD lol😂, its impossible to see clearly in the VC


I can see it properly, I use an iPad. On my phone I can’t make it out at all


Hmmm…I find the same issue. I’m sure this should be in live but correct me if I am wrong.


Hello! So I think it is a little smaller than Airbus, but I believe that it is adaptation with a new one we are getting used to. This using ipad. I agree that a cell phone must be small.

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On an IPhone it is pretty small, try to find a balanced position where you can still see. Do this by zooming in and not really moving around. I wish we were able to lock the camera in any place.

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This might be a budget breaker but:

Try using your TV. I have an 12 inch iPad Pro and sometimes it’s hard to see the numbers. So what I do is, I use my USB-C-HDMI multiport, which i use to plug into I my 24 inch Samsung 4K tv. (No flex meant) It should be clearer on the TV screen. If you have these resources, let me know if this works!

Is there seriously not any lag?

Surprisingly yeah. You just need a high quality cable, and a good TV.

Mmmm I have a samsung 4k tv and launch ipad to it with wifi. There is a slight delay of 1 second, but of course I do not always have the opportunity to link the iPad to the TV! Regarding the hud, I don’t want to have to use it to make the flight as realistic as possible, but with the 737 … I think I will have to use it

Probably because you use WiFi to connect with your TV. Wired connection is faster, which has no delay.

I always use the hud. The numbers are too small to see and I definitely cannot see the ILS stuff without the hud.

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