737 Lights Not Working

I was doing a flight between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Changi when, during descent, I looked around my aircraft and saw that none of my lights were working. I tried turning them on then off but that didn’t work. Before you ask, yes the master switch was on because the engines were running. I’ve attached some images below, thanks, Jacob. 🙂

Forgot to turn on Master Switch?

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Before others chime in…


Engines can be on without the Master switch being on :)


I did test it. Your engines can be operable without Master Switch on 😕
Edit: As stated above. Stuff didn’t load in 😅

My replay shows that my lights were on the whole flight.

We can go around in circles here for a while.
Can you reproduce this? If not, we can assume that the switch was either OFF or it was a one time thing.

In all of the times this has been reported, it’s been the master switch being the issue.


Around the same place in my replay shows that the lights were on.

That’s nice, but can you reproduce this in another session (get the same result of the lights not working again)? If you can’t then good, it means it was a one-off (assuming that the Master Switch was indeed on) and there’s nothing else that can be done.

It’ll only be a problem if you can consistently get it so that the lights wouldn’t work with the Master Switch on.

I’ve tried but I can’t seem to reproduce the issue. Like you say, it must have been a one time issue.

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