737 Landing Gear Bug on the Replay Camera in Solo Mode! [SOLVED]

Hey! This may not be a big deal as I found this bug on solo mode but since I came across it, I thought it would be a good idea to bring it forward. So I was taking pictures on the solo mode with the help of the replay camera and noticed that when I Takeoff and midway through retracting the gear, I switch over to the Replay Camera and find the landing gears to be stuck in the retracting position. Here’s how it looks like:

If this was already brought across by another community member, feel free to close this thread!

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I also had this same issue.

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Known issue! :)

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Anshul you have to wait to get off the ground before bringing up your landing gear lol

Known issue? Never saw this pop as an issue before the update was released, neither was it a problem for me either when on the replay camera on solo before the update came out

Hmm…Just have a re-read through what I’ve written but if I wasn’t clear, what I meant is that when you Takeoff and midway through retracting the landing gears you click the replay camera, the landing gears are stuck on the retracting position. The picture shows clearly how the landing gears remain stuck in the retracting position on the replay camera

It’s been around for a while - I’ve made a note of it internally so we can fix it soon. Thanks for bringing it up again!

For now, the solution is to just cycle the gear (tap the Gear button twice) and it will restore into the position you selected :)


Ah Okay! Thanks for enlightening me and congrats on the release of another successful update! You may close this thread if you like :)

Its just a joke man

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