737 Kind innacurate and feels rushed

While you have certainly done a great job there’s still some flaws I would like to point out.

In the real 737 there is a square with 6 boxes in it in the right top hand corner. Look like thisimage
That is what I was talking about certain boxes turn orange when starting up the engine also indicates when to start the second engine
It’s missing in if I’m gonna talk about the flaps part soon.
On the 737 you can’t see how much the flaps are extended on the engine panel but there is a small circle over the landing gear which looks like thisimage
But in IF it’s located here for som reason

This feature is only available on the 747-400/8
And the whole 777 series
Those where all the issues with the 737 I noticed you could do a quick patch like you did with the a320. Thanks for reading cheers!


Hello! There is currently a #features request for this that you can vote for and leave you opinions on :)

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The reason that the 737 instruments seem like those on a 777 is that they are slapped on right from the triple.

I presume that the IF team thought that they could kill two birds with one stone since the 777 and 737NG have superficially somewhat similar instrument designs.

Any images? Or is the word “image” all I get to go off?


I would disagree with that

Disagree with what?

The entirety of the statement, or something specific that you aren’t elaborating on.

Welcome back! 737’s been out for some time and has had a cockpit refresh not super long ago. Unfortunately, you did not include any images so we cannot see what exactly it is you’re talking about. In the meantime, please continue your discussions about a potential 737 makeover in the topic linked in this topic.