737 Key west

Does anyone fly the 737 to key west KEYW? I use the BBJ 737.

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only southwest does when they start there flights their in a few months.

Not sure where you got information that Southwest is relaunching flights to Key West (terminated in 2013, used to be a service to Tampa), but Delta used to fly the 737-700 (before retirement) from Atlanta, and the aforementioned Southwest. Airtran probably flew to Key West as well, but I’m still in the process of researching that.

Edit: Southwest flew from Orlando, New Orleans, and Tampa, Airtran from Orlando and Tampa. Both solely flew 737-700 variants.

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Airtran used to fly the 737 from Orlando to Key West

no im saying that at the moment they are about to be not in the past.

Yes…you said “when they start their flights there in a few months”, when did Southwest announce that, and what source do you have for that information? Just curious.

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I fly using the BBJ 737-700

when I was making one of my events at Key west wikipedia said southwest was relaunching their flights to the airport.

That doesn’t seem to be the case…if it were, there would at least some sort of information that isn’t from 2012 if I search for it.

Anyways, back on topic.

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what’s really odd about it back in January I was hearing a lot of talks about it as well so I assumed they were and wikipedia also did claim that they were but as I just checked it was gone? I last look only a few weeks ago. but yea im done talking about it.

You cannot always use Wikipedia as a trusted source. I have connections in Key West saying that Southwest is not scheduled to re-launch service to Key West after suspending their previous service years back. However it is always a possibility because there are quite a few underserved markets from Key West.

As for the main topic @SWA737, I don’t really fly the 737 into there since we don’t have the Delta 737. I fly the 319 and E190 in there the most!


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