737 issues

I’m having some major problems with the Boeing 737 family. 1st it doesn’t go faster then 250knots secondly the fuel efficiency is not working. I put full fuel and it only last 2 hours and i can’t fly at the normal speed at cruising altitude

Fuel efficiency depends on winds, altitude, and speed.
And you shouldn’t be going above 250 below 10,000ft anyways
and the speed values on the left bar decreases as you go higher.

A screen shot of this would help determine the issue.

You’re probably confusing IAS with GS or TAS.

As for fuel, how you fly the plane makes a huge difference, as well as proper load planning. Mostly the flying bit though. There’s a vast array of tutorials covering those topics here.

Here’s one such of many to look at.

I’m at 30,000 feet and my weight is 78%

Make sure flaps are fully up, speed breaks off, weight and balance correct, and also: speed decreases the higher you go.
For the fuel, the fuel estimated time remaing shows a very low time while you are climbing.

Do you climb directly to that altitude or did you step climb? (As in take your time to get to that level.)

The speed never got faster as i got higher it would never break 250-270 knots

Slowly at 1500-2000 vertical feel

That is how it is supposed to be… the higher you go, the less your airspeed is.

I understand but once i climb to above 20,000 i do t see any change in fuel

A screen shot would really help determine what the issues is. But it sounds like your climbing a little to fast (it burns more fuel) decrease your climb as you get higher. Also refer to what @Aquila posted above.

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Mach 0.78 is the fastest you should go in a 737. If you go any faster you shouldn’t expect to make it to your destination

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