737 hud display issues horizon

If done a search and haven’t found any stories related. I apologize if this has been brought up. I am on a mobile device and cannot easily navigate the community site. Has anyone reported that the horizon markers for level flight on the hud of the 737 is 10 degrees low in cock pit but the 767-300 is on horizon? 737 hud display issues horizon

this has to do with the live cockpit and the actual view in the cockpit with you having a good look of all your instruments I think. It was done intentionally so you’d have this overview of your live cockpit but this is one of the drawbacks it has now since the view is aligned differently with the HUD with the live cockpit. Some other planes with live cockpits have this if I recall correctly.

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But with a decent view out of the window you can barely see your gages

Like I said I’m not 100 percent sure what they did specifically with the view but they did something with the live cockpit planes cockpit view I think thus the result shown.

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