737 Galore @ IAH (Spotting Collage) (HAPPY BIRTHDAY 737 <3)

Well hello again, glad that you came by to check out some of my photos ;). I am a spotter at KIAH and KHOU, Houston - Texas. I have found some photos of the 737 at IAH, well at least the good photos. I hope you enjoy them!

Some commonly asked questions I get are:

Q: What spotting camera do you use?
A: A canon rebel T5

Q: What camera do you recommend for beginners?
A: Any camera apart of the Canon “Rebel” series

Q: What is your instagram?
A: My instagram is: www.instagram.com/jrraviation

Thank you all for your support recently, and you can always contact me if you have any questions about photography.
Before you do that though, check out this guide:

Also, check out my previous spotting showcases:




You’re third photo of the United is stunning. Excellent work. You do some good stuff for your age, not many people like you can do this.


Wow, nice pictures! :)

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Beautiful pictures mate

Thank you very much. I do try my best with my camera, like panning and exposures.

Very nice pictures Jacob! I’m ams.aviation from Instagram btw.

Awesome pictures! Love the Southwest ones.

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Great shots! I love the time exposure with the 787 and 737, beautiful.

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What camera do you use?

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He says at the very beginning of the topic. 😂

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Oops, I just scrolled right to the pictures. Lol, thanks.

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Is it ok if I use one for my background?? BTW these are fabulous

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These are some of the best quality photos I have ever. Nice work!

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Cannon Rebel T5 with 75-300MM

Yes of course, but when reposting please give credit.

OK thank you!!!

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Fantastic job @JRRaviation. I haven’t seen such nice photos in a while. Keep up the amazing work, you’re doing great.


Thank you very much. I’m very happy that you enjoy them. I’m about to upload some AN-225s I’ve caught


Really good shots and a good collection.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.