737 Frontal Flaps

Since the last 18.6 update, I began flying the 737 several times and notices that when adjusting the flaps, the frontal flaps did not adjust according to the degree level. Here is a picture that explains the issue:

Could the plane editors fix this problem?

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Flaps settings 1, 2 and 5 have all the same front flaps position.
By changing flaps from 5 to 10 and any further settings, the front flaps should extend to their second position.

Is this what you are seeing? I believe it’s supposed to work like this.
As I understand it, the front flaps only have two positions.


Just as an note these frontal flaps are called slats.


This is not a problem, this is how almost every real airliner works. The planes in the past were not done correctly.


The correct name for frontal flaps are slats😉😀


Well actually, that is not entirely correct.

Some aircraft do have slats.
The 737 however has leading edge flaps called Kreuger flaps as well as slats. 😉


I thought they were mainly on the 747

Lol an correction to an correction what’s next an correction to your correction 😂.


Well actually the 737 has both slats and Kreuger flaps.

Slats slide out of the leading edge.
Kreuger flaps rotate out of the leading edge.


Either way, they look cool. Don’t they move a bit quick when setting Flap 1° though? They almost explode out of the wing

So turns out we are both right😂

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I think the real problem here is the Kreuger flaps clipping in to the engines!

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I think this is to do with the unlinking of cockpit animations?

Hey! I see you. Lol.

Anyway, that’s a bug on the plane I picked up shortly after the update released. It also does the same thing when it closes.

I was going to report it but its so minor that its not worth mentioned, or is it?

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Oh heyyy
Well, although not major it’s a little bit of immersion lost. Probably worth pointing it out just so they can slow it down a bit. As they say, it’s the small things that matter!

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