737 Flight Deck Bug

Just using this post to report a small visual bug I’ve found in the 737’s beautiful reworked flight deck.

At night, when the flight deck is illuminated, I noticed that the Fire Warning, Master Caution, and Annunciator Panel are all backlit as well. This should not be the case. The Fire Warning and Master Caution lights shouldn’t have backlights (in the real world they would just light up red or yellow respectively if there’s an issue), and the annunciator panel should only be lit up when there is an issue as well, obviously with the system with an issue being the only system lit up.

I know it’s small, but just something I noticed to improve the realism of the sim in the future.



Minor as you say, but still good you reported it!
I’ve forwarded this to the relevant people and we’ll see what we can do & when.

Thanks, Jake!


This now fixed, restarting the app will trigger an update of the files.