737 flaps being short

I’ve noticed that the flaps on the 737 are a little bit short than what I have seen in real life. Flaps 1 in game is barely anything. I’ve seen flaps 1 irl and it’s like 5 compared to in game. I don’t know if i’m wrong, (I probably am) but it’s just something i’ve noticed.
Tell me if i’m wrong or right.


Flaps 1° lowers the slats primarily. That’s it’s main purpose if I recall correctly.

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Just the slats?

No it lowers the actual flap itself but it’s not very noticeable since it’s only 1°

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I feel like its not as short as in game tho

You’re 100% right. I’ve worked with 737s for a long time. Needs a full rework. The wing isn’t the right shape. That’s not even me being picky


Yes lol I enjoy the 737 a lot, definetly needs a full rework.

Um the 7373s had a rework in 20.1 lmao.

Exactly, 737 already had a soft rework.
Let other planes (b752, b763, b744, b712, a346, a333, a388) with worse physics or graphics please be reworked first (hard or soft)

(*Since the a333 request post had been closed by mods, my prediction is it will be next after the 777)

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Let’s settle this by getting a real 737 Pilot in here

It had a partial rework. The devs said it themselves that it wasn’t a full rework.

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I’ve also noted that it has like a little black outline on the wingtip, mostly notable on the AA livery.


The split scimitars look off as well in my opinion

Flaps 1 on most if not all Boeing aircraft are just slats. Flap movement will not be recognized on this setting.