737 flap rework

Yes yes, I know that live cockpit is a thing in the 737, but I’m not asking for this right now. The flap settings are completely wrong in my opinion.Flaps 1 is barely noticeable in IF. IRL I have seen a flaps 1 configuration in a 737 and you can definitely see the actual flaps come out. I’m estimating a flaps 1 config is about 5 in IF. And so on the with other flap settings. The slats also go into the engine when they are out full.
This doesn’t need to be added right now, but it would be nice to have in the future imho.

I complete agree with you that this is in fact an issue. You have my support but I can’t clear a vote for this one sorry


I 100% agree with this. I have flown the 737 plenty of times before and it is very much noticeable.


This is flaps 1 on a Boeing 737-700

This is the best picture I have for an example

But you can clearly see the flap is down a little bit


At least there’s something

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That’s flaps 5. Flaps 1 only extends the leading edge slats

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Maybe in the sim but not IRL

According to the logic below, its a 1:1 representation with the flaps and its setting. Flaps 1, 2 and 5 will deploy 1, 2 and 5 degrees of flaps with about 50% of the slat command. Once you hit Flaps 10, the slats extend to its greatest extended setting and the Flaps extend further to 10 degrees. The same logic applies to the rest of the flap settings all the way to 40 degrees.

As expected with 1˚ degrees of flaps. Nothing wrong there.

How are you so sure that its flaps 1 that they set? Its very easy for the pilots to be on speed and go straight from Flaps Up to Flaps 5 in one motion completely bypassing Flaps 1 & 2. This then leads to your misperception as you cannot physically see them moving the flap lever. This argument alone is an assumption based on a guess/hunch you have.

(LE = Leading Edge (slats), TE = Trailing Edge (flaps))

Respectfully, what you’re asking is to rework something that is already correct and to rework something that you think would be correct based on a guess without physical or actual data.