737 flap 40 whilst coming into PHKO?

Is this the correct flap setting?


It’s an extremely long runway, therefore I personally only use flaps 30 with a final approach speed of about 138 knots.

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Okay, thanks. The game set them to 40 and I thought that wasn’t quite right.


I’ve found in IF, with both the 737 and 717, the aircraft is much easier to handle (especially in moderate to high winds) on approach using flaps 30 instead of the full 40.

It depends on the conditions, the 737 can land quite short using flaps 30, so flaps 40 should only be reserved for times when you want to land really short. The plane has more leeway at flaps 30, makes life a little easier especially when there is windshear present.

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A large number of carriers for the 737 specify flaps 30 for landing in the ops manual, especially in the 800. This is due to lower noise output and less chance of early flare tail strike. Most however would still use flaps 40 in CAT III landing.

Thanks for all the replies everybody! 🙂👍

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