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Is it my bad piloting skills or is it the 737 model because I find it hard to have a fairly smooth landing and keeping the nose in the air for as long as they do in reality ?? Is it just me ??

Yes I think it is just you haha. Most people find it super easy to fly


737s like to land hard. I have never been in a 737 that didn’t land hard, you always feel it. And in reality their noses are not in the air very long.
However, you can keep the nose up for the entire length of the runway if you want, as I did in this video :)

Totally agree it’s very easy to fly. Very easy indeed

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Easy to fly. The landings can be a bit hard but practice will get you there 😀.

Don’t go too slow because that’s easy to do if you’re not monitoring your instruments closely. Easier to slow down in a 737 while landing than other a/c.

I always find it easier to fly large aircraft.

In IF the 737 needs a slightly unrealistic high amount of throttle to keep the pitch right, and the rate of descent on the glideslope.

To practice, Try full flaps, slowing right down to around 135 knots, keeping the nose up a few degrees, and just play with the throttle in small increments. Around 50-55% to keep yourself on the glideslope and a descent rate around 700fpm.

Remember too much speed is the enemy when landing, and your throttle controls your rate of descent. Too much throttle = too much airspeed = you’ll be forcing the nose down to maintain a descent = even more airspeed!

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3 things.

1- Was this video recent, if so they have updated IF

2- You didn’t pull back throttles around 20 feet.

3- I also find it a bit tricky to have a great landing in the all of the 737’s. When I fly with the 737-700 I usually do flaps 30 and speed of 135knots. For the 737-800 I also do flaps 30 and a speed of 142 knots. Also with the 737-800 you can’t really flare that much because of the tail. And I don’t really fly the 737-900, personally I don’t like it that much.

That video was taken in February of this year. Obviously it is not a landing video, but just one of me doing a wheelie down the runway :)


We use the same flaps and speeds for the 700 and 800. For the 900 I use flaps 30 with a final approach speed of 150kts.

You need to practice more with your speed because if it’s too low you’ll end up landing so hard, 737 can land so smooth when you master it, you won’t believe how smooth, the gears won’t even move on landing.

10 months later :P


Are you replying me because it takes just a day to practice landing.