737 family vs A320 family


In looks i feel the 737 wins by miles its a very gorgeous plane and the new sky interior is just amazing i just dont like the older 738s how they have big square windows with a plastic screen as the inner-window it makes me a little nervous airbus are great very modern and i just constantly feel safer on an airbus, so im gonna go with airbus:) please no hating in the comments just your opinions on what you think is better and why:)


I have to go with the 737 Family. Just fits my feel.


Both aircraft have the same purpose: transporting passengers and cargo from A to B.
I don’t know about their technical differences, so another one will answer that.
Aesthecally, the 737-700/800 look quite nice, but the 900 is too long, with an increased risk for a tailstrike (of course, its longer to carry more passengers/cargo).
The A320 family has a longer landing gear, so it has less tailstrike risk when compared to the 737.
Aesthetically, the A318-320 look just right, but the A321 is too long and with a too small rudder.

These aircraft, B737-700/800 and A318-320 aircraft, are my favourite.


I agree but i prefer the a319 over the a318, i dont understand why boeing and airbus needed incredibly small planes e.g 735,736 & A318 i just dont see a purpose

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Engine thrust and components. Engines became more powerful as time passed, and aircraft components also became lighter.

I like the A320 family more.


It’s the 737s for me

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  • B737 Family

  • A320 Family

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I gotta go with the a320 family. It is a very safe and beautiful set of aircraft.

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You should add a third option of “both”.

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No because theres always something that one has that the other doesnt and theres always a feature someone likes etc etc

I like both though.

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I’d have to go with the 737 family. :)

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That actually doesn’t notify them.

I’ll write both. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are missions where I want a 737 and missions where I want an A320.

Boeing wins in my books


I am going to have to go with the 737 family (espically the -900) because of their sleek interior, low inflight-engine noise, and passenger comfort. And also because i grew up on 737s as Southwest was practically the only airline at Las Vegas back then.

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I always liked 737’s more probably because they were most likely first narrow bodies I saw.

A320 Family 😊