737 Engines

Thanks for @TOGA for showing this to me in a PM. The 737 engine spins clockwise in IF, but counterclockwise in real life. A little issue, but 737 fans will sure get mad now…

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Maybe it is moving the same direction, but it’s doing the thing where it looks like it’s moving the opposite direction on camera…

Nope, that’s why I used the startup, because there would be no issues with the camera framerate

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Well then you’re officially the most observant person on the IFC 🏅


I can assure you the engine does spin clockwise when starting up in IF.

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Not really sure why they would… They were pretty satisfied with the live cockpit.

This doesn’t seem like the highest priority issue, compared to the fact that other aircraft barely have accurate start-up animations. It’s still noteworthy though. I’m sure it will be fixed once the developers touch the 737 again, whenever that will be. 👍

It’s all relative. Since the 737 has working instruments, you’d compare it to aircraft with working instruments. With that being said, achieving as much realism as possible doesn’t hurt.

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