737 Cruise speed

For a longer flight, I usually do M.74-.75 to optimize Low Fuel burn but in general, I typically do M.76-M.77 (clarification)

The normal cruise speed for the 737 is 0.78 Mach :)


This was only used on early 737 models, such as the 737-100,-200 and -300.

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Usually the 737-700 will use 0.78, the 737-800 and 900 use 0.79. 👍

Not sure about other models, but the 738 uses M0.77-0.79, 90% of the time it would be M0.78. M0.81 is MMO.

I usually cruise at M0.76 to M0.77
That’s usually at FL360 to FL400

Here’s some aircraft data you can check out.

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MACH 0.77 to MACH 0.82

You’re going to be higher than the MMO at .82

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