737 Crazy Stuff over Innsbruck

Here I was departing from Innsbruck heading to Bolzano, in the Q400, when a BA 737 called inbound behind me. But they didn’t stop on the runway, instead must have done a missed approach because soon they were coming after me along the SID.

I didn’t realise this was apparently a member of the BA 737 Aerobatics Team…but I soon found that out 🤣.

I kept on my plodding way but the 737 antics made me smile and added some spice to things…although I was perfectly happy just looking at all the fantastic scenery around!

If the pilot of the 737 sees this please come forwards for a thank you 😘

Anyway, craziness or not, the backdrop of the mountains here is totally spectacular…I am loving exploring around Austria and Switzerland, totally recommend it!

Thanks for taking a look …ZK-MCG


If only that was a 737…


It’s an a318 :p
Nice pics btw

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Boebus A737

Airbus: am I a joke to you

Great photos though!

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OK OK, sorry my plane spotting skills need some work then!

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No problem, it was meant to be a joke :)
I knew it was from the start
When I saw ‘BA737’ 😉

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sighs in A320

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Lovely pictures

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enters F22 mode

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No worries, anyway Lufthansa Regional pilots don’t know much about British Airways

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I hope this wasn’t on expert

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I left that bit out, didn’t I …🤫