737 cockpit

737 cockpit is very glitchy, anyone else?

All good here.

Sorry but you will have to elaborate a lot more…

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I had this problem to, I fixed lowering my airplane count and etc.

When you say “glitchy”, do you mean it is laggy?

Cockpit area is flashing, I can’t explain it, you see lines moving etc

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Can I have a screenshot of your screen to see if it was the same problem I had?

I’m flying on a different phone and the picture doesn’t show it

Is your anti-aliasing setting on?

That it is

Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

What is your graphics setting and airplane count?

I would recommend turning off anti-aliasing, especially if your device can’t handle it

I have a samsung galaxy s10+, it better handle it

It’s not doing this with the other cockpits fyi

Ohh then yeah it should definitely handle it

Do you mean something like this?

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how did you find that after 2 years?

Anti Aliasing is a massive frame dropper on Android devices.

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