737 Cockpit

Hey everybody,

I know in today’s update the only change made to the 737 cockpit was adding pilots, but is it just me, or does anyone else feel that it is brighter, and that that ledge above where the autopilot switches are is visible? Just wondering.


Yeah i know right it feels almost new but old


That’s exactly what I was thinking


Show me a pic lol

It probably won’t come out good in a pic. Im flying anyways. Maybe someone else can sorry

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The heading button shaped instead of having blurry block as the button if you look on the 900

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Well the status bar can now be seen since it’s not
directly over “LED” panels

i have noticed this too but i think it still looks terrible I hope they redo the cockpit soon

I think it looks sharper and brighter


Well, in order to add the pilots, they must’ve done something. Maybe @jasonrosewell can confirm this but either way, it still feels good to fly the 737.

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I do l0v3 this new cockpit a LOT better! It’s brighter and cooler!

I really can’t tell, besides the obvious of the new pilots.

I think they may have moved the view up some more

Beta tester here… It is brighter! 👍🏼


Thank you for the confirmation!

It is new. reflMore reflective, no greenish color, better lighting at day, stuff like that. Only thing bad is yoke is to reflective.

Old cockpit is much darker



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