737 cockpit and flight photos


I thought I’d share some photos of the brand new 737 re worked cockpit and some the added views available

After Takeoff at KLAX with a lovely sunrise and turning north

Climbing to cruise. Thanks IF, I love the new live 737 cockpit, my favourite of them all, especially the map and navigation screen

I didn’t get any of cruise lol but after I left Los Angeles centre airspace I was passed on to Oakland centre I think it was, that cleared me to decend to 3000. Again, I love the new sids and stars as well as VNAV that got me to the next fix perfectly with no bugs or glitches which is brilliant

More of the amazing new views

Me turning final in KSFO I apologise for the flaps coming out late 😬

My APPR landing on RWY 28L could of had more flare but it was alright

Me spotting other planes, parking at the gate and switching off everything

Thanks for coming to look and let me know if I did anything wrong like parked at a gate AA don’t use it real life ETC.

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please do not show the HUD as this is stated in the #screenshots-and-videos guidelines


Oh ok cool, why is this?

idk why but please follow the rules

Sorry I will

Should I delete it?

sorry if i’m a bit harsh… didn’t mean it like that

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That’s alright👍🏼

you can crop the screenshots and replace the screenshots in the topic with the cropped ones

I don’t know how to do that so I’ll just delete it👍🏼

in your photos app

Oh ok I’ll look

nice pics none the less

Thanks! How do I use the cropping tall to remove the hud tho?

Also, a max of 10 pictures are allowed and you posted 14 here.

Go to replays and take pictures from there… They are much better and you can do it after the flight. There will be nothing you have to edit unless you want to at that time.

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Oh I will read all the rules next time, if there are too much stuff wrong I will delete

alright. you do you

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I’m not allowed lol to delete

Don’t worry about it, you can edit and remove 4 though to follow the number of pic guidelines… at least I think you can. But replays are where it is at for picture taking. We all look forward to seeing the next topic you create using pics from that section! :)

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