737 Center Tank

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I open that topic to point out something unusual that shouldn’t happened on the Sim and that must not happened IRL.
I often take the 737 in the sim and I how balance the Aircraft CG* for good fuel consuption throughout every single flight, PAX, Bags and mostly the fuel.
When you learn to fly, you also learn alot of things about weight and balance of your aircraft as on big jets when you spread weights all over it.

For the real pilots that are on the sim as exepienced simmers; you know that for better performances and fuel consuption you must/should use mostly your wing tanks than your center tank to reduce stress on the wing root for the aircraft.
Thus, when using only the wing tanks you have better performances, you equalise your general weight to the back for a lower fuel consuption thus increase your range all with help of the step-climbs in accordance with correct RVSM altitudes.
Then I often strickly try to apply that system to the 737, but still incounter issues with the USE of the center tank in the system: have a look to 2 screenshot I did before and after a flight from Marrakesh to ORY (PARIS) for a flight of less than 3hrs.

I tried many times to minimazed or lower the use of the center as I could (189pax/ 8.4t of bags)


I keep ending with this or more than 30% of what I loaded in the center tank
I wanted to empty the Center tank FIRST before the wing tanks but something is not right.

If some touch can be added to the 737 center tank please


I would recommend still adding it to #features as it may not be something new, but is something you want changed.

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