I deleted app and reinstalled i got verything back except 737 bbj and sofia. Ive already made 20 purchases and i have to make 20 more to get it back. What do i do. Ive spent 125 dollars on this game you should do something

Someone help

Had this issue :)

Basically, try flying on all purchased aircraft, and have an Internet connection. I always do that and it works.

Do i just spawn in on the airplane or do i have to fly it around in the air

I will try it then

Ive boight 16 airplanes and ive bought four months of live

Sadly live subs. do not count :/

Explain how i had the 737-bbj before and i purchased on 16 airplanes

Because live subscriptions would have to count

It doesn’t.

Somehow ive purchases 19 things and ive had the 737 bbj before

But my point is i should get it back

I don’t think live subscriptions count, unless it was changed.

But ive gotten 19 purchases but ive had the 747 sofia and 737 bbj before

Did you have the yearly sub?

No, i buy the monthly subscription for 4 months

Hmmm, guess your gonna have to email support or post this under support category and wait for someone to reply.

Simple solution: buy another plane or Region and get the Sofia and bbj 👀

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Bullshat sollution ive spent 125 dollars no way

Press on the restore purchashes button.