737 attitude pitch at cruise

So I was doing a flight at 35000 ft. at Mach .78. Is this the correct attitude for the plane at that speed?

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Yes. That’s all good.


I didn’t know if I was flying it right but now I know.

The altitude to fly to first depends on your weight. You can use fpltoif.com --> Simbrief to fill in the number of passengers, amount of cargo, and your departure and arrival airport. It will automaticly give you the amount of fuel needed, so it knows your weight. With those data it calculates your cruising altitude! It will also tell you when to start your step climb.
Here’s a example:

Here I put in the airplane, departure, arrival, extra fuel, and passenger and cargo amount.

after that you see this, only some optional info. So not very important. If you’re done, click on generate Flight Plan. You will need a simbrief account, but that’s easy to make, and free.

As you will see, it gives you the flight plan, and Flight Plan Summary:

So, this gives everything you need. It says Flight Level 310, calculated that that’s the optimum initial altitude depending on your weight.

If you scroll down, you’ll see this:

In the third colom, you can see the altitude calculated for each waypoint. As you can see, after the climb, you are at FL310. But already at ZORUN, you can climb to FL330.

At DAYYY, you can climb further to FL350.

Step climbing is especially valueable at long haul flight, were at first the plane is heavy, but in the end is way lighter.

I hoped that this helped!

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