737 at 41,000 FT

do a lot of people fly the 737 at 41,000 FT

It depends on weight and flight planning , I tend to like to fly lower on the 737 due to the routes I do being short and so a lower altitude is more suited.

Hope this helped, you can always see the altitude performance chart here on the community tutorial


Whenever I have flown the 737-700 IRL we have gone up to FL410. The 737-800 has been FL400. I might just be lucky though

It’s possible but I’ve never done that, didn’t ever feel the need to either. Maybe i’ll cruise at FL400 for something like IAD-SAN in a 739

The maximum I have tried in the 737 is FL400 because of tough headwinds and turbulence. But as @Haribo mentioned, it’s honestly just your plan and wight that determines your FL.

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