737 addition near vertical stabilizer

Hey all, just wondering if there’s a guru who can explain the purpose of the three short “fins” on each side of the vertical stabilizer on 737s.



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Probably vortex generator, B-1 also has this feature. Preventing turbulent air flow.

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@ERAU_Hatsune was correct.

Aft Body Vortex Generators

Vortex generators became an optional retrofit in November 1968 to reduce “vertical bounce” during cruise flight which was caused by airflow turbulence and separation from the body beneath the horizontal stabilizer.

737 Classics were initially produced without any aft body vortex generators. However the upper vortex generators were reinstated after line number 2277 (May 1992 onwards). This was to reduce elevator and elevator tab vibrations during flight to increase their hinge bearing service life.


YESS! So proud of myself now


Thanks guys! Now I know their purpose AND what they’re called

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